Coconut and lemon squares 

One square later, I can now confirm claims that coconut-lemon bites do actually make someone’s day 100% better. Smooth and creamy coconut butter mixed in with zingy lemon is an essential taste of spring that is absolutely necessary to a healthy and balanced diet. (Absolutely necessary🍋).  🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻 Preparation time: 30-40 minutes   Cooking time: 0… Continue reading Coconut and lemon squares 

Creamy coconut butter 

I am completely in love. This is like nothing I’ve tasted before, which is incredibly weird because the ingredients read: 100% coconut. And I love coconuts, anything coconut. Spread on toast, eat from the jar – the possibilities are endless, and I cannot wait to explore all of the possibilities. For months I’ve been wanting… Continue reading Creamy coconut butter 

Giving your coconut purpose: A guide to opening and using a coconut 

All these weeks you’ve been surreptitiously observing the humble fruit/nut/seed, sat on the supermarket shelf, that encapsulates beautiful coconut deliciousness. Intimidating yet intriguing, you wheel your shopping trolley on, resisting the urge to welcome the coconut into your loving arms. That was then, but this is now. Now you do behold such coco fun; you’ve… Continue reading Giving your coconut purpose: A guide to opening and using a coconut 

Deliciously decadent date chocolate truffles

I am writing this from beyond the grave. I am no longer alive but am actually dead. Specifically, I am in Heaven, sat on a fluffy cloud. The sound of harps and angels singing in harmonic and canorous verses can be heard all around. As I write, I am eating a chocolate dessert that only… Continue reading Deliciously decadent date chocolate truffles