Mandarin and carrot cake with lemon frosting 

Today, the mild spring sunshine was a shinin’, and ma mandarin carrot cake was a bakin’! Hahaha. But seriously, the sun! After all these months of clouds and rain, the sun is finally making a feature length appearance in our skies, so what a better way to celebrate the beginnings of spring than by making… Continue reading Mandarin and carrot cake with lemon frosting 

Autumn influenced tray-roast veggies

Autumn is in full swing and Halloween is tomorrow, it’s safe and societally accepted to once again become obsessed with all things orange and from nature, i.e carrots, pumpkins, squashes and the not so edible, autumn leaves. Here is the age-old recipe for a humble and homely, warm and invigorating, tray roast; the literal Heaven-sent… Continue reading Autumn influenced tray-roast veggies