Coconut and lemon squares 

One square later, I can now confirm claims that coconut-lemon bites do actually make someone’s day 100% better. Smooth and creamy coconut butter mixed in with zingy lemon is an essential taste of spring that is absolutely necessary to a healthy and balanced diet. (Absolutely necessary🍋).  🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻💐🌿🌻 Preparation time: 30-40 minutes   Cooking time: 0… Continue reading Coconut and lemon squares 

Mandarin and carrot cake with lemon frosting 

Today, the mild spring sunshine was a shinin’, and ma mandarin carrot cake was a bakin’! Hahaha. But seriously, the sun! After all these months of clouds and rain, the sun is finally making a feature length appearance in our skies, so what a better way to celebrate the beginnings of spring than by making… Continue reading Mandarin and carrot cake with lemon frosting 

Pumpkin and ginger mug cake

There’s still no central heating and the pumpkin and ginger roulade has all gone (see last post). Except…there’s leftover pumpkin purée and ginger buttercream in the fridge!! Ahhhh yes, the, and I quote, ‘Autumnal dessert with a spicy kick to get rid of any cold shivers of freezing-ness you may have’, can be resurrected! In… Continue reading Pumpkin and ginger mug cake

Pumpkin Swiss roll/roulade with ginger buttercream 

Refrigerator contents: Leftover pumpkin. Fresh ginger. My brain says: Need cake. What to make…Pumpkin spice Swiss roll with ginger buttercream, of course! Bring the aromatic spicy smell of autumn cooking to your kitchen, trust me there will be no regret! I had so much fun making this; I’d always dreamed of making a roulade but always… Continue reading Pumpkin Swiss roll/roulade with ginger buttercream 

Au naturel chocolate cake

Julio Iglesias’ Agua Dulce Agua Sala plays in full volume as in the centre view of the camera, a chocolate cake – this chocolate cake – spins around rhythmically to the beat of the song; exotic fruits dance joyously in rings around it, fireworks explode in a multitude of colours, all while keeping the cake… Continue reading Au naturel chocolate cake

Dark chocolate-covered chia berry jam and oaty peanut butter bars 

These are delicious and so satisfying to your chocolate dessert desires and whims! For a small snack like an energy bar, or even a fully fledged cake, they’re perfect. The best part is the fact they taste great, but a close second would be the fact that they’re so not bad. They are…healthy? I’d say… Continue reading Dark chocolate-covered chia berry jam and oaty peanut butter bars