Tempting taco meal idea 

Follow this “recipe” for a delicious and speedy snack, or even zhuzh it up slightly by serving with wedges, for example, for a fully-fledged meal. Serve the tacos with a range of your favourite ingredients – anything and everything you can think of that remotely resembles a match for these tasty tacos…the tacos welcomes them! 

Preparation time:

10 minutes 

Cooking time:

None – depending what you put include 


As much as you can eat! 


You will need…

💐 1 and/or more packets of wholewheat taco shells 

Use anything you like; some ideas are…

💐 Lettuce/Spinach

💐 Rice/Couscous

💐 Chickpeas

💐 Tomatoes

💐 Grapes 

💐 Olives 

💐 Gherkins

💐 Sweetcorn

💐 Tofu

💐 Beetroot

💐 Onions 

💐 Mixed beans 

💐 Absolutely anything else that sounds nice in a taco 

Make extra tasty by things like…

💐 Houmous

💐 Balsamic vinegar glaze 


How to make:

1) Chop up all the ingredients into your desired shapes/sizes etc and serve on a large plate(s), place ingredients into taco shells.  

2) Eat. 



“Did you know that I really love cucumber?”


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