Homemade peanut butter 

A simple how-to guide that requires a difficult mathematical equation of astronomical proportions: 
If P = Peanuts

And B = A blender 

Peanut butter = P + B
See! So, so, soo difficult…! 
This recipe is in actual fact, a very simple thing to do, and the outcome is way healthier than any shop-bought varieties I’ve ever seen as it’s free from any added sugar or oil. There are a few brands I’ve come across that have no added sugar such as WholeNut, or Whole Earth, however all of them have added oil (and can get very expensive!), which goes against Dr.Esselstyn’s advice of “NO OIL” (YouTube link at the bottom of page). Instead of spending upwards of £3.50, homemade literally costs ‘peanuts’ to make, or at least it was for me because I used the cheapest of the cheap…wild bird peanuts!: O Is this a good idea? It’s just that for the same amount of ‘human-grade’ peanuts, it would cost so much more, plus, I couldn’t see on the packet that it wasn’t safe for human consumption, so, naturally I proceeded with the peanut process, hereby producing easy-peasy peanut butter as seen below:
Preparation time:

30 seconds 
Blending time:

2 – 4 minutes 

A jar of peanut butter 

You will need…
💐 100g shelled peanuts (or more, adjust peanut proportions accordingly to jar size) 

💐 …

💐 That is literally it
💐 (Optional) sea salt, maple syrup etc, adjust to taste 

💐 (Optional) A drizzle of vegetable oil for a smoother butter 

How to make:

1) In your blender/food processor, add the peanuts and mix until a dough-like consistency is formed. If you’re using a blender such as a NutriBullet, stop mixing at regular intervals to scrape down the peanuts from the sides if they start to stick and not mix. 
2) Repeat until you reach a desired consistency, then add any optional extras such as salt, and mix once more. For a creamier texture, blend for longer to fully release all natural oils, or add a little vegetable oil. 
3) Scoop out the butter and store in an air-tight jar. Spread onto bread, add to cereals or baked goods such as cookies, or, a personal favourite of mine is to eat it straight from the jar with fruit like apples and grapes🍎🍇



Is anyone else’s pooch a peanut butter fanatic?!



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