Chocolate mousse filo tart 

The day has finally arrived. The beloved tofu that holds such a special place in my heart has transcended the realms of its usual uses of chinese-cuisine deliciousness, and, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of its former beauty, it has landed right in the centre of a filo tart base, in the most majestic manner. And not a moment too soon. Picture tofu as a Phoenix bird super-sleuth in special agent glasses and a fedora hat, as its undetectable presence does nothing but adds to the wonderfully smooth and luxurious texture of this delectable chocolate mousse tart. Along with the silken tofu and coconut milk, add dark chocolate to the mix (literally), and you end up with a texture and taste like no other; a rich, smooth and unbelievably chocolatey tart of dreams.


‘If only’…10 points and a slice of pie for anyone who can correctly identify the snout in the bottom right-hand corner – scroll to the bottom to reveal the answer


Preparation time

15 minutes


Cooking time:

5-7 minutes



1 chocolate mousse tart


You will need…

💐 5g or so vegan butter/cooking oil spray

💐 5-7 sheets of filo pastry

💐 75ml of a 400ml can coconut milk

💐 300g silken tofu

💐 150g dark chocolate (best at 85% cocoa plus for extra richness)

💐 5g (around 1 heaped tsp) cocoa powder

💐 (Optional) broken pieces of walnut, orange zest, etc, to decorate

💐 (Optional) maple syrup, adjust to change the sweetness

How to make:

1) Preheat your oven to 175°C (fan assisted). In a microwaveable cup, melt around 5 grams of butter, or alternatively use cooking oil spray. In an 8″ tin, layer the pieces of filo, all at different angles, and all with a little bit of oil or butter sprayed/brushed between each sheet; make sure the sheets are well-pressed into the side of the tin. Bake for around 6-10 minutes until crispy and golden. Set aside to cool.

2) In a food processor/nutri-bullet, blend the (drained) tofu and the coconut milk until smooth.

3) In a wide-based microwaveable bowl, add in the broken pieces of chocolate and microwave. Do this at intervals of about 15-30 seconds, and stir each time until it’s all fully melted and smooth. Pour the melted chocolate into the tofu and coconut milk and mix well. Add the cocoa powder and mix again until fully incorporated. At this stage, also add in the maple syrup if you’re using it; adjust to taste. Pour this into the filo tart base, and level with the back of a spoon into a swirl. Sprinkle on any decorations and leave out in a cool and dry room. Cover with a food net or store in an air-tight tin.



Take the pie and photograph with plants part 1


Take the pie and photograph with plants part 2


Take the pie and photograph with plants part 3

And a well-deserved 10 points to you! To claim the slice of pie, simply scroll back to the top of the page and follow the recipe – enjoy!



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