Chocolate pancakes

‘Chocolate’ and ‘pancakes’ are two words that could never, ever, by any stretch of the imagination, disappoint. It’s a true fact, it’s been translated into a recipe, and the recipe is here for you to test out:Β 


Preparation time:

5 minutes


Cooking time:

40 seconds each side, around 30 minutes for a stack of pancakes



1 large stack of small pancakes/a medium stack of large pancakes


You will need…

🍁 113g coconut/plain/self raising flour

πŸ‚ 266ml almond milk

🍁 2 tbsp water

πŸ„ 2 tbsp vegetable oil

πŸ‚ 1 tsp maple syrup (adjust to taste)

🍁 Drop of vegetable oil to cook

πŸ‚ 2 tbsp cocoa powder

🍁 Fruit,  maple syrup to decorate


How to make:

(Set oven to a low heat to keep the pancakes warm as you make and stack them)

1) Add a drop of oil to a frying pan and heat on a medium temperature.

2) Whilst the oil is warming up, in a small jug add in the flour, milk, cocoa powder, oil, maple syrup, and water. Whisk together until smooth.

3) Use a ladle or pour directly from the jug into the pan, the amount of batter to make your desirable pancake size. Cook for 40 seconds (to 1 minute for a crispy pancake), then flip and repeat.

4) I drizzled maple syrup on my pancakes and topped them with chopped sharon fruit because they’re both so sweet and complement the bitter-y cocoa taste *perfectly*



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