Oodles of noodles with mushrooms, beans and tender stem broccoli 

Ooooooooodles of noooooooodles; grab a fork, chopsticks, knife and fork, two-pronged shellfish fork or a…barbecue fork!! (On second thoughts a barbecue fork is probably taking it a step too far, abort barbecue noodle fork, ABORT!) Hahaha…basically the noodles are here and waiting in all their deliciousness, pick your utensil(s) of choice…go go go!


Preparation time:

5 minutes


Cooking time:

15 minutes



2 plates


You will need…

🍁 290g mushrooms of choice i.e button

🍂 100g green beans/fine beans

🍁 100g tender stem broccoli

🍄 1 150g packet ready to wok noodles

🍂 Light soy sauce

🍁 1 vegetable stock cube

🍂 Drop of sunflower oil


How to make:

1) In a wok or large frying pan, add in the chopped beans and broccoli, and the chopped mushrooms (not chopped too small) and cook on a medium heat for around 10 minutes, until tender. The juices from the mushrooms should mean you don’t need to add any oil, but add a little if necessary.

2) Add in 2 splashes of soy sauce and the vegetable stock cube, mix well and pour the noodles into the pan too. Mix again, making sure the noodles separate. If you’re not using a packet of ready to wok noodles, follow the on-packet instructions to cook the noodles, then add to the pan. Cook for a further 3-5 minutes, adding a little oil if the noodles start to stick.

3) The final step, the very best step, servvvvvve! Oodles of noodles to share…or eat them all!



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