Autumn influenced tray-roast veggies

Autumn is in full swing and Halloween is tomorrow, it’s safe and societally accepted to once again become obsessed with all things orange and from nature, i.e carrots, pumpkins, squashes and the not so edible, autumn leaves. Here is the age-old recipe for a humble and homely, warm and invigorating, tray roast; the literal Heaven-sent and inanimate embodiment of wholesome wonderfulness – so so so so so tasty.


Preparation time:

15-20 minutes


Cooking time:

Around 1 hour



A tray of roast vegetables


You will need…

🍁 3 medium potatoes

πŸ‚ 2 sweet potatoes

🍁 4 carrots

πŸ„ 1/4 pumpkin

πŸ‚ 1/2 butternut squash – all, chopped!

🍁 (optional) Sunflower oil

β€”guideline only but in all honesty I recommend as many potatoes and pumpkins etc as you can get your hands on because the more the merrier!


How to make:

1) Set your oven to 180Β°C (fan). In a large roasting tray, pour in a little sunflower oil, Β or alternatively omit the oil and dry-roast.

2) Put the chopped vegetables into the tray and mix, (coating them with oil). Cook for around 1 hour, until the vegetables are visibly roasted. Serve with anything like portobello stuffed mushrooms or pie for example. Taste the realness of the vegetables and enjoy!



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