Choca mocha cookie delights

The first bite hits you like a coffee infused dream, where stereotypically coffee would be a princess and chocolate is the swoon-worthy hero on a white horse. It’s basically a literal match made in dessert heaven. The subtle crunch and more subtle crunch of oats and then every other bite is of a smooth chocolate chip. The main body of the biscuit itself? You guessed it, a rich, decadent chocolatey…dream. Yep. Another dream (it feels like a dream but this definitely isn’t a dream these are cookies they are healthy alternatives they are chocolate and they are most certainly real).


Preparation time:

10 minutes


Cooking time:

No bake or can bake for 10-15 minutes



2 large cookies/4 medium cookies/6 small cookies


You will need…

🍁 60g rolled oats

πŸ‚ 60g oat powder (make your own by blending oats until powdery), then an extra 15g almond flour for added taste, or just a little more oat flour if you have no almond to hand

🍁 1 1/2 tbsp instant coffee

πŸ„ 2 tbsp cocoa/cacao powder

πŸ‚ 1/4 tbsp salt

🍁 45g broken dark chocolate/chocolate chips

πŸ‚ 60ml vegetable oil

🍁 1 tbsp water

πŸ‚ 1 1/2 – 2 tbsp maple syrup or honey, adjust to taste


How to make:

1) Preheat your oven to 175Β°C (fan-assisted) if you are baking the cookies. Measure out all the dry ingredients and add to a bowl.

2) Measure your wet ingredients, add wet to dry and mix well until everything is incorporated.

At this point, you could form the mixture into balls and press into cookie shapes, leaving them un-baked. Eat like this or dip into desiccated coconut to give them more va va voom thus turning them into coco choco mocha delights. I cooked mine as they were a little too squishy, but if you add a little more flour I’m sure they would be at a right consistency to form into cookies and eat au naturel.

3) To bake and add more crunch, however, form into cookies and bake centre oven on baking paper for 12-15 minutes until when touched, they aren’t so squishy anymore. (Eat at least one warm with some form of added luxury i.e any Alpro’s coconut cream, this is advice I advise you to adhere to; eat a minimum of one cookie, two to be on the safe side…). Alternatively or as well as, let the cookies cool or refrigerate until they have hardened to true cookie consistency


Look who’s *not* getting any cookie


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