Humble and healthy…muesli!!!

This is a recipe for a (disaster… NO I’m joking, I couldn’t resist) Ahem…recipe for a simple muesli breakfast, it’s so tasty and yummy, and it’s packed with juicy cranberries that are literally so amazing. I put this recipe together and decided to make my own cereal because I couldn’t really find one from a shop like for example, all the ones I could find had added stuff like powdered semi-skimmed milk…thanks but no thanks, it tastes weird. With this however, I love how you can add all your own personal favourites and anything…anything at all?! Dried fruits, nuts, seeds, your store cupboard is your oyster so go ahead and mix together a muesli to cause envy amongst your fellow cereal eaters.
Preparation time:

20 minutes
Cooking time:

0 minutes

1 5 litre cereal container
You will need…

🍁 95g wheat bran/germ

πŸ‚ 250g jumbo oats

🍁 250g high fibre muesli

πŸ„ 50g (golden or normal) linseeds

πŸ‚ 50g pumpkin seeds

🍁 50g sunflower seeds

πŸ‚ 50g desiccated coconut

🍁 300g dried cranberries

πŸ‚ Handful dates, chopped

🍁 Handful dried apricots, chopped

πŸ‚ (Anything at all, literally. If you want chopped hazelnuts, do it!)

How to make:

1) Add all the ingredients to the container, put the lid on and shake!! As the meerkats would say; ‘Simples, cccck’

2) Enjoy every delicious mouthful, (almond milk with this is wonderful!).


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