Chewy choco coconut and banana bites

Whilst I wouldn’t exactly call these ‘biscuits’ or ‘cookies’…well I don’t know what they are really, let’s just call them cookies for arguments sake. They’re kind of crunchy on the outside, and are chewy on the inside, like a chocolate oat bar perhaps. The recipe came about after a disastrous batch of avocado and banana chocolate ‘biscuits’ (biscuits?!) I made a few days ago after following an online recipe; the result was that they were like chocolate tasting wet teabags…not nice. The only one iota of solace was that the dark chocolate chips they contained made them relatively palatable, but on the whole they were bad… But, alas, this is a recipe that is inspired by those let-downs, these cookies present a healthy alternative to chocolate biscuits crossed with oat pancakes (inspired by some pancakes I made a while back (recipe to follow soon)). So here it is! For lovers of banana flavoured treats, I give you the chewy choco coconut banana bites! 
Preparation time: 

7 minutes 
Cooking time: 

20 minutes 

You will need…

🍁 100g rolled oats 

πŸ‚ 1 ripe banana 

🍁 1 tsp cocoa powder

πŸ„ 1 tsp honey 

πŸ‚ 1 tbsp desiccated coconut 

🍁4 tbsp almond milk

πŸ‚ Dark chocolate chips (optional) 
How to make: 

1) Preheat your oven to 175Β°C. In a large jug, add in the oats, banana, milk and honey; blend with a hand blender until everything is mixed together. 

2) Add the cocoa powder and coconut (and the chocolate chips if using), mix in with a spoon then transfer to a baking-paper lined tin in 6 circles. 

3) Bake for 20 minutes; you should be able to get a knife under the edge and lift it without it collapsing. The bottom should be firm like the top. Remove and leave to cool. 


The avocado ‘biscuits’ they look better than they taste if that’s possible…


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