Two-ingredient banana pancakes 

When I discovered these pancakes I was – and still am – in utter shock. Pancakes…without actual pancake ingredients…?! They’re so so simple and sweet. “Pancake: A thin, flat cake of batter, usually fried and turned in a pan. Pancakes are usually eaten with syrup or rolled up with a filling.” So that settles it; even without ingredients of tradition, these are actually still technically pancakes. And are healthy. Naturally sweet, taste great…perfect!


Preparation time:

10 mins

Cooking time:

Approx. 40 seconds each side, all in all 10 minutes for all pancakes


Around 8 small pancakes


You will need…

🌸2 small eggs

🌸1 large banana

🌸 Honey, fruit (optional)
How to make:

1) Add a little oil to the pan so it can be heating while you make the pancakes and so they don’t stick.

2) In a bowl, mash the banana with a fork until smooth and not lumpy.

3) Add the eggs to the banana, and whisk until you get a consistent ‘batter’.

4) Pour/ladle the desired amount into the pan; when you can lift a side of the pancake with a fork, turn it over with a spatula and leave for another 35-40 seconds until golden brown.

Top tip!- To keep them warm, stack each one on a plate and put in the oven on a low heat until all pancakes are made.

I used red berries and honey to go with these, and it turned out to be a winning combination; the sweetness of the banana and honey, the total opposite of the tartiness of the berries. My guess is that any fruit would be great with these(I can’t wait to find out!)


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