Plain ol’ Pancakes

Pancakes are so wonderful for lots of reasons; how speedy they are to make, how they require very few ingredients, and most importantly, how tasty they are – especially when paired with delicious toppings. The pancake recipe here is definitely living up to this standard, but is surprisingly even simpler; the pancakes contain no eggs! ‘Eggstracted’…no? Ok. And they taste just as great, there is absolutely no compromise on taste, so enjoy every mouthful of these beautiful creations!


Preparation time:
7 mins

Cooking time:
Approx. 1 min (30 seconds each side)

Approx. 12 small pancakes, depending on thickness and the size of the pan



You will need…
๐ŸŒธ113g/4oz coconut/plain/self raising flour
๐ŸŒธ266ml/9fl oz almond milk
๐ŸŒธ2tbsp water
๐ŸŒธ2tbsp oil
๐ŸŒธVegetable oil for cooking
๐ŸŒธ1 tsp honey/other sweeteners (optional, add to taste)


How to make:
1) Before making the pancakes, add a drop of oil into the frying pan on medium heat and leave to warm up.
2) In a medium sized jug, add the flour (and honey).
3) Add the milk, water and oil, and whisk with a fork or…a whisk. Do this until the mixture is clearly blended, and looks like a batter.
4) Pour into the pan; a smaller amount of mixture results in a thinner pancake, whilst obviously more will make a thicker pancake.
5) After around 30-50 seconds, lift an edge with a fork to see if it is cooked (it should be a golden brown colour), then flip for the same amount of time.
6) Remove from the pan and place on a plate or even in the oven on low heat (to keep warm whilst other pancakes are cooked).

It is as simple as that! A quick and easy dessert can be yours in under 30 minutes. Add toppings and sauces such as maple syrup, chocshot sauce (is delicious!), fruit…the list is endless – even a squeeze of lemon juice and more honey if you want to follow traditional taste.


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